DIY Makeup Compact Mirror

A girl never, ever underestimates the importance of a compact mirror; the makeup has to look perfect at all times in case you bump into someone you know. Can’t risk it for a second! But compact mirrors tend to get lost frequently in different bags, and it’s always good to have a few at home ready for when you leave. Click the link to see how you can make your very own, snazzy compact mirror!

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring and Why is So Good

Bamboo floors are rapidly becoming a popular choice of home owners. Whether you already have bamboo or happen to have them under consideration for your home, you will be interested to know that bamboo floor care is easier and offers some important structural advantages over hardwood.

What makes bamboo flooring different

It is easily done, but none-the-less wrong to lump bamboo flooring in with hardwood. Bamboo is in fact a grass, and because it is, bamboo has it’s own unique properties and comes to us by way of an unusual manufacturing process that sets it apart.

Bamboo grasses do not grow solid like a tree so can not be harvested in pieces large enough to use for flooring boards. The stalks are cut into strips then precision milled to squared lengths.

Multiple squared lengths are bonded together in layers to form “boards” which are in turn milled to a profile resembling hardwood flooring strips. The flooring strips are sold either natural blond or smoked to varying tones of darkness. All are top coated with a durable, clear finish.

Properly installed, you have the warmth and luxury appearance of fine hardwood with the ease of floor care and maintenance only possible with bamboo floors.

Video : 25 Cleaning and Maintaining Bamboo Floors

Why Bamboo is easier to maintain

Deterioration of the coating of clear urethane on the surface of your bamboo is attributable to the abrasive action of dirt, sand, and other grit that makes it’s way into your home. Keep a fine fiber broom handy for regular clean up of this and other debris.

Periodic vacuuming will do a more complete job. The way on how to clean bamboo floors depends on many factors. Frequency will depend upon the amount of traffic in your home. It is a good idea to put down a shoe cleaning mat at every entry door.

For the sake of cleanliness and appearance you should wash your floor from time to time after running the vacuum. Any no rinse, clear drying cleaner such as a dish washing liquid mixed with clean water will do.

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo fibers are not subject to swelling, dishing and grain raising problems caused by moisture. The important thing here is to avoid leaving a cloudy or streaky detergent build up on the clear finish, so avoid cleaners that contain oil, acidic or caustic ingredients. It’s really quite easy if you just spend a little time reading the labels.

Another good idea is to make the effort to find a good quality micro fiber floor mop. From the very first time you damp mop your floor with one of these you will agree it’s worth it. The super fine fabrics soak up and hold dirt and grime, leaving a clean, clear surface that’s dry in minutes.

Never apply wax to your floor. Don’t even be tempted to try it out to improve the shine. Wax can cause adhesion problems even years after it was applied if refinishing is ever required.

Remember, Bamboo is definitely harder than the hardwoods most commonly used for flooring, so it will withstand more pressure before denting and gouging, but the surface finish applied to both is about the same. Most gummy and gooey soiling can be easily removed by applying ice until they become brittle, then giving a scrape.

A small investment in felt coaster pads that adhere to the bottom of furniture legs will buy years of added life to the finish on your bamboo floor. Next to the abrasive action of grit, scratches caused by moving unprotected furniture about causes the most noticeable damage to your floor, even if damage to the actual bamboo is negligible.

A Few Ideas to Make DIY Candles

Do you always find it inspiring to take on a DIY project? Are you currently looking for a project that would keep you busy for a while but will give you something that you will cherish for long? What could be more beautiful and stunning than a stylish candle flickering away in your living room? Luckily, you can now design your own candles with utmost ease.

Being able to create a chic candle out of nothing will surely be a satisfying experience, and it becomes even romantic with lovely scent the candle spreads throughout your home. The fun gets better when you can find some old or used stuff to turn that into nice candles on your own. Sounds like a great idea? It surely is, and with so many options available, it is possible to create your own impressive collection of candles with your signature fragrance.

DIY Beautiful Water Candle

The only thing you need to get started is a little inspiration and an idea to work with. The good thing is that the ideas are virtually unlimited. It could sometimes be as simple as going to the beach and getting a few seashells on your way back home. Fill them with a wick and candle wax to have your own DIY candles ready in minutes. You may even consider combining crayons with simple candle wax to give rise to color-blocked wonders.

DIY Crayon Candles – Man Vs Pin

Light them up in your home or given them as a perfect gift – you can do all you want! Here’s list of some impressive suggestions for you to consider. Find your favorite DIY candles now!

Tables Built By You Are Priceless

Almost every house has 4 to 5 tables in their houses, but nothing can replace a made by yourself table that depicts the hard work and your dedication to your house every moment someone sees it. Wood is easy to shape and when you have a variety of woods available in your garden or in your reach, the work gets easier. Here are few examples for you to know how to build table and what pleasure does it give. Follow the links

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With some logs and colorful fabric to create this rustic table….


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Half a wine barrel DIY Table


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